Friday, November 23, 2012

time for a change.

change is a good thing. really, it is (this coming from a girl who has the most bipolar relationship with 'change').

i love it. and i hate it. there is a wildly feisty and independent part of me that aches for it. and then a more timid, mild me that wants to haul-ass-as-fast-as-i-can-away-from-it. talk about a troubled soul. so torn.

that being said, i came to terms with this at a young age and set a goal-- to never let that timid play-it-safe side of me dominate over my desire for change and experience. i knew that change, independence, and overcoming my fears was my only chance of true growth. and the only way i would not miss out on the exhilarating, breathtaking, sincerely honest moments that life had to offer. the kind i read about in literature. the kind that i would lay in bed at night thinking about.

i knew i could not let the power of my comfort zone silence the voice of change and adventure inside me.

that comfort zone is just so tempting. so safe. so risk-free. i'm sure many of you can relate, but for me--it's a constant temptation.

which brings me to the main point of this blogpost (and blog)

see, this last year was a landmark year for change in my life. it began with letting go of the past. i had made mistakes. i had held onto things that i should have let go of long before. things that had begun to burden me and taking their toll on me as an individual. it took a while, but i let them go. i moved on.

then, after much thought, soul-searching and insomnia--i moved to the city of my dreams. san francisco. it was scary. real scary. 100% out of my comfort zone. and 100% the best damn decision i could have made at that point in my life.

my time in that kookie city opened my eyes to a world i had never known before. it gave me the independence i had ached for, the adventure i constantly dreamt of, and finally--for the first time in an extremely long time--i felt happy. so perfectly happy. changed proved to be worthwhile.

but it didn't stop there. on top of all the happy-live-lovin' madness, i met my husband. a witty, intelligent, sexy, politically conservative and often outspoken gem of a man just hanging in liberal-crazy-sf. his day spent working the corporate america dream.

we met. quickly became obsessed with each other. and--as if moving to a new city, taking a new job, and meeting all new people wasn't enough change--we decided to get married. no question, no doubts, no hesitation--married we would be.

not only did san francisco teach me about a deeper kind of love for people in general--it also brought me to the love of my life. my best friend--who is now my husband. our own little city born love.

ahhhh change.

still newlyweds--almost two months now. loving each other more by the day. getting weirder by the second--as we mainly spend time with only each other. the change keeps piling on. we're now travelling the world (husband's job has blessed us with the opportunity to be skipping all around the globe).

experiencing different cultures. new faces. new languages. strange foods (which husband always loves). yes, everyday brings a new adventure. whether that means getting lost alone, without cell service while trying to find rumelihisari castle in istanbul, turkey (totally worth it by the way) or taking a long run through hyde park on a beautifully-grey and chilly london afternoon.

or maybe just a conversation with your family over a seafood dinner in houston, texas. or returning home to the familiar mountains of alpine, utah.

change and i are enjoying each other's company. and it has inspired me--to share. share my experiences with stepping outside of my comfort zone--that teach me daily. making me into a stronger wife, woman and individual.

life is all about change. it keeps us on our toes--learning and growing.

so be it all. be the traveler. the wanderer. and the wanderlust dreamer.

i know i am.

oh, and welcome to my new blog. i thought it may be time for a change.


  1. I love this so much!

  2. Love you Kristen. So blessed that given all you had been through and in the midst of the craziest of crazy cities you saw past a lost 30 year old with black eye, and since then have been a constant force of positive change and happiness in my life. I will forever love you and strive to be the man that you see in me.