Friday, December 7, 2012

what to pack: carry-on style

Carry on Page

it's taken me a while to figure it out, but after some intense traveling and some frustrating trial and error, i think i've finally mastered the art of my carry-on!

now, i say 'my carry-on' because i realize it's going to change for everyone and their individual needs, but i wanted to share with you a few of my must-haves and secrets. especially for those long cross-country, overnight or international flights.

first off, i absolutely love my carry-on bag. i know it sounds silly, but i just got it a few months ago and we're in a serious deep-vibing kind of relationship every time we travel together.  it's the nine west wheeled bowler bag. it has the leather purse handles allowing it to be carried like a tote, but also has the wheels and suitcase handle that can extend out--in case your hands are full or it is just too heavy (that's usually my problem).

i recommend getting a carry on that is an appropriate size (i hate being the girl that is trying to shove a bag that is obviously three sizes too big into the overhead bin--just don't need that negative attention in my life) and before you purchase it, make sure its versatile and accommodating to your needs. this bag has made all the difference in my travels.

as for my secrets--i've said it before but i'll say it again--i always get so cold on planes. i've found that keeping a warm but thin hoodie (hood is important) is the best way to go. it doesn't take up a lot of extra room but provides the needed warmth! nothing more miserable than freezing your bum off while on a fourteen hour flight across seas. american apparel unisex fleece do the job very well--my husband loves them too.

next up, i always keep a pair of my favorite aviators handy. sometimes husband and i will want to stop and take pictures as we drive past different places on our way to/from the airport (we love pictures and can be 100% be that totally annoying 'mega-tourist') so, not only do the aviators keep me from getting headaches as i go from indoor to harsh outdoor lighting, but sometimes when those picture moments happen--i just throw them on and use them as a cop-out "yeah, i totally got ready and wanted to have my hair in a messy ponytail with aviators and this retro-sweatshirt" duhhhhh. aviators can make any outfit look planned. it's the so-cal girl trick.

also, i don't know about you--i know my husband doesn't have this problem--but often times my stomach gets upset while flying (i having a horrible stomach--anyone that knows me, knows that it's been a source of frustration my whole life ha) but keeping a healthy/filling snack has become my saving grace. a lot of the time, the in-flight meals are too cheesy, creamy, or intense for my 30,000ft above ground stomach--and a clif bar does just the trick.

i've only had the kindle fire for about a month, but it's become my best friend on any length of flight. we have some downloaded word games we like to play, magazines we subscribe to and of course, books--books will save you on those tediously long flights. and it takes up so much less room than physical magazines and books do. it's the best. having music to listen to on my iphone is also a must.

okay, now last but definitely not least--to maintain healthy skin and stay feelin' pretty on those flights where you just want to pull out your hair by the end. here are my favorites. neutrogena oil-free cleansing wipes for the face. these. are. the. best. you tell me i can only take three things onto a deserted on an island--yep, neutrogena oil free cleansing wipes will be one of them! nothing better than being able to wash off your face and mascara remnants after a red-eye flight. and with these you don't even need water or a towel. and with liquids being so frustrating to try and get on planes--they work out much easier for a carry-on than a bottle of face wash.  best travel tip ever.

as for make up, i start with josie maran lip balm. it's one of my guilty pleasures. i love how refreshing and rejuvenating it is on the lips and even in my greasy-just-off-a-red-eye-flight-moments it still leaves me feeling lip-luscious-sexy (which is really saying something--my lips are the thinnest little white girl lips you'll ever see).

up next on the beauty list is basic physicians formula powder. it's fresh and light, and the last thing you want to do when getting on or off a plane is plaster your face with some pore-clogging foundation that's gonna make you feel greasy two hours into the flight (i seriously try to wear as little make-up as possible on most long flights) and then just top that off with some great lash mascara by maybelline (never clumps and goes on smooth--i swear by it).

so there it is, carry-on packed and you're ready to go. so now that you know exactly what tricks i have in my carry-on bag, i need to know yours! from one travelling girl to another--what little secrets do you keep in your carry-on? any suggestions or questions for me? go ahead and let me know!

talk to you later lil' dreamboats.


  1. hooray for the kindle! ;)

  2. great tips! i get so sick on planes too so i'm going to have to try that clif bar on my next flight. and i hate how terrible i look when i get off a plane so those little makeup tricks are going in my carry-on next time i fly. thanks kristen!