Thursday, January 10, 2013

utah valley bride: our love story

Campbell Warwick wedding

our wedding was just featured in the 2013 utah valley bride magazine.

 it gives some fun details about our wedding day, and a little bit about our city-born-love story (not that you haven't heard that enough by now ha ha)  it is so fun to re-live that lovely september day. it was so beyond perfect. i can't believe it's been four months.

you can check out the entire magazine here.


oh and yes, you can always check out our #robandkris on instagram for all our travel pics.


  1. So perfect! Fun to see your wedding pics.

  2. Cute, your wedding makes me want to get married all over again, and your dress is to die for really. Also, I love your blog. I'd love to read a travel guide for tropical vacations, if you have any info or advice to share which I'm sure you do!!

  3. Thank you callie! Honestly, my dress was probably my favorite detail of the day. I fell in love with it the moment i saw it! And yes, this next week I will post about our trip to the Greek Isles! It was my favorite beach vacation by far :)

    Your blog is so cute by the way! Your daughter is perfect!

  4. Oh thanks Diana! :) I'll probably post more later on (I actually didn't think they chose the best they could of for this spread that they did)