Thursday, March 28, 2013

austin, texas: sxsw


This was our first time at SXSW and were not really sure what to expect. We knew what it was but had no idea how intense it would be, but we absolutely loved it--and the city of Austin--and plan on going back next year!


One of our stops was the Doritos Bold Stage--where they gave us free Cooler Ranch Doritos (score) and had a great line-up of fun artists throughout the day.  We also checked a few of the other smaller venues around--most of which have free admission and were a lot of fun. Even if we didn't know the artists, we still enjoy live music and the overall high-energy atmosphere.

asos event

One of the highlights of the day was hanging out at the ASOS event, where we saw Youngblood Hawke. It was the best. I seriously almost went home and cut bangs that very night--the female vocalist in the group was rocking the bangs and had me convinced. Thankfully, I got over it in a couple of bangs and avoided the dramatic hair change (sidenote--if you happen to have any opinions on if and how I could pull of a full set of bangs...please comment below because I'm honestly still so torn on if I should do it one day)

rob at sxsw

The street's are obviously full of life and energy during all of this. To be honest, I kind of felt like I was back in San Francisco with the the variety of characters hanging out around there, the trash piled up in the gutters, and the lingering smell of weed in the air...

Here's my handsome hubs :)

street artists

Plenty of folk-rock in the streets just callin' out to all the hipsters.


Across the street from one of the shows we were at. Good day to be a construction worker, eh? I loved this.

SXSW street

Overall, we fell in love with the city of Austin & the SXSW experience. My tips for anyone interested in planning a trip for next year--

1. Plan on walking a lot & wear shoes for it.

2. Be active on Twitter (it's where all the inside info & updates are posted for shows)

3. Be your best hipster. Girls, bring your side sling bags & thrift store get-ups. Boys, go manorexic and get your front hair swoop in full swing  (because if I'm being perfectly honest, my husband and I were NOT hipster enough to fit in, but heyyy we enjoyed it all the same!)

4. Eat at the food trucks. They're delish.

5. If you're travelling in from outside Texas, make sure that you leave some extra days to do some "Austin" things. It's such a rad city! Robert and I are planning a trip back shortly.

Have any of y'all been? We'd LOVE some tips for next year! Also, what are your favorite things to do in Austin? We want to go back and kayak the river--and see the famous bats, but let me know if you have any other must-do's in Austin.



  1. Cant wait for next year. I am already planning my outift of cutoff jorts, TOMs and an unnecessary beanie.

  2. My friends were just talking about all the amazing places they eat when they're over there. They were talking about a donut place that made me want to drive there tomorrow. Let me know before you head back and I'll get details for you!

  3. Doughnut place....I am THERE! I'll get the details from you!