Tuesday, April 9, 2013

the texas bluebonnet.


I may be new to Texas, but I'm already head-over-heels for their beloved flower. This past weekend, my parents and brother were in town visiting so we took a little drive out to Navasota to get some face time with the bluebonnets.

For all you fellow Texans, this website is genius: http://www.texasbluebonnetsightings.com/

It'll tell you where the best and most recent bluebonnet sightings are, because even though you'll often see them along the side of the freeway, it is much more difficult that my husband and I expected to find open fields (that aren't gated off) to actually stop and take pictures in.

Daners and bluebonnetsfamily and bluebonnetsfamily and memom and dadKris and bluebonnetsRob and bluebonnets rob and dane jump

Thank heavens for "sports mode" on our Cannon. It took about five rounds, but we finally got this gem.

Take a Saturday in the next couple weeks to go find yourself some bluebonnets (they won't stay much longer) It was one of my favorite things we've done here in Texas thus far!

P.S. How funny is the pic of Robert in the middle of my parents, my brother and I? He's such a giant in my short family! I love it.

Happy Tuesday y'all!


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  2. [...] the texas bluebonnet. (acitybornlove.com) [...]