Friday, March 28, 2014

26 week update

26 weeks pregnant
I've been terrible at documenting my pregnancy, so I decided it's time for an official update.
I'm 26 weeks along and things are starting to feel very real!
I've got a bit of a waddle to my step, my lower back officially hurts, the heartburn is awful, and baby girls kicks me pretty much all day long. Oh--and I pee about 1200 times a day. Too much info?
Baby girl is growing big and she seems to be getting stronger and stronger
(based on the power of her kicks!)
She gets real excited when daddy sings to her and definitely enjoys herself some chocolate chip cookies, just like her momma! Rob is already obsessed with her (he's in trouble) She'll definitely have her daddy wrapped around her little finger.
I'm sure all you moms out there can relate, but it's truly amazing how much I love her already. This pregnancy thing is definitely a physical phenomenon, but it's also one of the most spiritual experiences I've ever had in my life. I feel like we understand each other, and I actually begin to miss her when I don't feel her moving and kicking about. As cheesy as it may sound, I feel like she's made me a better person. I pray daily that I will be the kind of mother that she deserves. It scares me to death that I won't be deserving of such a blessing.
I can't wait to meet the little princess.