Wednesday, March 12, 2014

what to eat: florence, italy

One thing there is not a shortage of in Florence is food--and it's definitely not cheap but it is delicious. You should know, we're not really big food spenders. We're always looking for more affordable options--however this first recommendation I'm going to give you is not cheap, but is some of the most delicious seafood I've ever had in my life.
Not easy on the wallet, but definitely makes the stomach happy-happy-happy.
Check out there Google Reviews here.
Now for much easier on the wallet but also SUPER tasty...
If you check out the TripAdvisor reviews, you'll see that this is a very popular stop and also very affordable. My husband and I both loved our dishes--I got a hamburger type thing and he got a Lampredotto sandwich and LOVED it. It's a traditional Florence sandwich. Give it a try!
And then for dessert...there is obviously gelato all over the city and can be found on every corner, but I'm quite picky--I'm the type that doesn't really want to waste the calories on desserts that I don't love (because I take my desserts VERY seriously)
Out of all the gelato/ice cream we tried, this place was my favorite. I highly recommend it!
Those were top three of my favorites. There are so many great restaurants in Florence, it's really hard to narrow it down. My suggestion is always to look up the reviews before going. That is what we do, and it's saved us from getting caught it some "tourist trap" restaurants. We like to enjoy the more authentic, delicious experience!

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