Thursday, April 3, 2014

interior design: one of my greatest passions

So, we're in the process of buying a house...
and while battling (literally battling) our way through this crazy Houston real estate market (seriously--it's a real estate frenzy here right now)
I've been doing some day dreaming of what I want to do with my main living area.
I already own the sofa pictured below, along with the rug & the coffee table.
My goal now is to find a large side table (the sofa is very deep with wide arms), an occasional chair (or maybe two), some shelving and wall décor. Here are some of my ideas!
How dreamy is that mirror?!
I just came across it a couple days ago and it literally took my breath away.
Here are links to all the items shown above...
Sofa  Chair  Rug (Sadly it's no longer available)  Coffee Table  Side Table  Lamp  Mirror   Floral/Botanicals
Interior design is probably in my top 5 passions in life. In fact, if I had to number them...
1. My loving Heavenly Father & His son Jesus Christ
2. My superhero of a husband (aka my bff)
3. This little baby girl princess in my belly (July come faster!)
4. My family--both immediate and distant (LOVE my fam!)
5. Interior Design....yep, it's true. I love it THAT much.
In fact, it's one of those things that I have to be really careful about because if I don't keep myself in-check, I can spend some serious $$$--with ease.
And folks, I'm a budgeting-cheap-never-pay-full-price kinda girl but I love me some crisp fresh interior spaces.
Here are a few more of my ideas! Which pieces do you like best out of the two concept boards?
Links to the items shown above (again-- the sofa, rug, & coffee table are the same as above)
 Sidetable  Flowers/Botanicals  Bookshelf  Chair  
How fun is that sidetable?!
My only concern is that it that has a similar color palette as my coffee table, and I don't want the room to be matchy-matchy, but I do love that little darling!
And now for a little #tbt and some background on my love for interior design...
My favorite job to-date was at a perfect little design boutique/firm in Utah called Alice Lane Home Collection. I worked on the showroom floor and eventually as marketing manager, and I loved my job. I think one of things I loved most about it was being in such a beautiful environment that was constantly changing and oh-so-inspired by brilliant talent! My tastes and eye for design developed more over those couple of years than ever before. I just stumbled across these pics the other day...such fun memories!
They were taken at a bloggers event/night-out that we hosted at Alice Lane.
I can't believe how long ago this was!
Visit their fabulous blog and be inspired!

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  1. I love these inspiration boards!! Come decorate my apartment....