Tuesday, April 8, 2014

pisa, italy

Okay, I'm going to be very honest with you all--there really is not a ton to see or do in Pisa. However, if you'd like to stop for the famous pic with the leaning tower, I recommend just making it short stop in the city for an hour or two.
We went on a lovely day, and were able to get some fun pictures--but other than the famous quirky tower, there really is not a whole lot to do.
We stopped on our way to Cinque Terre from Florence which worked out great. My friend recommended it and I'm so glad we took her advice and only planned a lunch stop there.
(P.s. Cinque Terre Travel Guide coming this week!)
travel to pisa italy
We had bags with us, so we just checked them at the train station for a couple hours
 (I believe it was somewhere around 3 or 4 euro per bag)  

pisa italy
It was such a nice day, we just walked from the train station to the leaning tower and it's surrounding buildings. It was about a fifteen minute walk, and we were able to stop and eat lunch on the way.
My husband is known for his freakishly good high jumps (top left corner) and for those of you that don't know him...he pretty much takes at least one high-jump pic everywhere we travel. It's become a fun tradition. This time was extremely funny though, because it was a very crowded area and he attracted a lot of attention. This jump won him a round of applause from the crowd (no joke)
Why is this so impressive? Mainly because he's 6'5" and somewhere around 240lbs...and was a football player his whole life...not a yell-leader...not a gymnast...not a yogi. Just a football player with amazing flexibility (and good looks!)
It really was such a beautiful day.
I have to make a confession though. This may hurt a bit...but I have to be honest:
the leaning tower was SO much smaller than I ever imagined! I legitimately thought it was going to be much taller then it is. It's really not very big at all.
Also, I know you can buy tickets to go inside! We did not do this, but if you want to spend a little bit longer there--that's always an option. You can read some more reviews on TripAdvisor here.
leaning tower of pisa

Overall, I would suggest making the stop--but it's not going to change your world or anything. It's a little cheesy and as my husband likes to say--part of "eurodisney" :)
But hey, we're tourists and love a good quirky picture stop!
Stay tuned for the Cinque Terre Travel Guide!


  1. Remember when you made that insane tower of Pisa look alike for Katie's mission party?! I still am blown away by how good it looked!!

    1. That homemade tower of pisa is honestly way more impressive then the real thing! for reals!