Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Vote for your favorite #highjumpRob moment!

By popular Instagram demand...I've decided to compile some of my husband's top high-jump moments! Yes, yes...this is a thing.
Over the course of our travels, this pose has become a little bit of a tradition. Not sure how we started it, but it's mainly just a random talent my husband has and makes for funny pictures. For those of you who have never seen Robert in real life, let me paint you a picture. He's an ex-footballer, reaches about 6'5" in height and is right around 230lbs. The dude has a lot of mass but somehow/someway can get so much height while doing an impressive jump kick. Which is another random quality he possesses--flexibility. Despite his large size, he is remarkably flexible--like 10x more flexible then I am. It's weird, and I love it.

Okay, so now I'm dying to know...which one is your favorite?! 1-10...

1. Paris, France

Travel Guide HERE
2. Barcelona, Spain
Travel Guide HERE

3. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

4. Pisa, Italy
Travel guide HERE

4. Austin, TX
5. Tamarindo, Costa Rica
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6. The White Cliffs of Dover, England, UK

7. San Antonio, TX

8. Dallas, TX

9. Oslo, Norway
10. St. George, Utah
Okay, there you go! Which is your favorite?!
Those are the top ten #highjumpRob moments. There are a few more that you can see on instagram under that hashtag and if you follow my husband's account @robc123.
Sadly there are a few places we never got a high-jump picture. I am still bummed we never got one on our trip to the Greek Isles (one of my favorite places on earth), Scotland (another one of my favorite places on earth) or in Istanbul, Turkey (I really don't know how we were there for so long and never got one--but we didn't!)
I am definitely missing some of these beautiful places in the world, especially as I waddle around in my current 35 week pregnant state! I can never emphasize enough the importance of taking lots of pictures...nothing better then being able to look back at our journeys and remember how magical the world is and how much I love traveling with my BFF/husband/sweetheart :)

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