Sunday, March 29, 2015

day trip to kemah boardwalk

First off, y'all should know that this time of year is Houston's time to shine! The full-force humidity hasn't hit quite yet and the sunny days are just dreamy. As you can imagine, we try to soak up as much of it as we can get before the summer heat hits.
We love hitting up the park and going on walks, but this past weekend we decided to try something new...a day trip to Kemah Boardwalk!
Kemah Boardwalk Texas
It was my first time there and it may have been because my expectations were really low, but I was actually really impressed (I mean, it's the Gulf of it's not the most scenic but they've done a good job with what they have!) There are lots of rides and games for different ages (most of the rides are definitely for an older audience though) I do recommend buying your tickets in advance if you're going on a busy day, because the ticket lines were beyond ridiculous.
The walk along the boardwalk is nice and you can watch the sailboats come in and out. We also went on a stunning day--so that added a lot!

Kemah Boardwalk
 Mila just LOVES being outdoors. We've rarely had experiences with her outside that go poorly. This girl lives for a little adventure! She was so fascinated with the rides and the people--waving at everyone :) She's a hoot!
Kehma Boardwalk Texas
This picture was Rob's idea...and as always--I'm certainly glad he insisted we take it!
For cute, right?! 
Kemah Boardwalk
My only complaints are
 1) Smoking is allowed everywhere, and I hate that--especially with that many children around.
2) It was really crowded and there wasn't a lot of seating (aside from the restaurant seats)
Also parking costs $7 but it's not that big of a deal and the lots are watched by parking attendant which is nice! 
It was super delicious! 100% recommend it!
I got the classic grilled chicken pita and Robert got the gyro.
Both were delicious, and make sure to get fries on the side. They were so tasty.
Oh, and Mila got her favorite--hummus! Our girl can pound some hummus. She loves that stuff.
Overall, we really enjoyed our day!
If you live in Houston, a day trip to Kemah Boardwalk is a fun way to get out of the city and spend some time by the sea!

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  1. CUTEST fam. wish we lived right next door and could adventure together! love that mila already loves adventures and being outside!! :)