Wednesday, April 1, 2015

mila's first rodeo

Not our first rodeo....
Okay it's not ours--but it was Milas!

The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo is Houston's biggest event of the year,
and is also the largest indoor rodeo in the world! Are you impressed yet?!

 We look forward to this event every spring, and this year was extra special because we had our little nugget to take with us! I can't believe I was pregnant last year when we went. Time flies!
I just had to document this. We're true Texas girls! (A picture on a tractor pretty much solidifies that, right?)
 One of the best parts was that Uncle Dan flew out from New York to spend the week with us and was able to be a part of M's first rodeo! She loves him, and was so sad when he had to leave. And don't worry, we made sure to stuff him with bbq, crawfish, and tex-mex while he was here!
That's what we do best here in Houston...EAT.
My cowboy and my lil' babe! This is one of my new favorite pictures by the way. The daddy-daughter relationship is the most precious thing! This little girl loves Robert with all her heart.
 Our favorite rodeo carnival treats include the rootbeer floats, deep fried red velvet cake, deep fried oreos and the overpriced but delicious corndogs!
Robert and I couldn't stop talking about how much fun this day was and how we can't wait to take Mila back next year!


  1. Fun!!! We need to come back next year for this :)


    1. Yes please do! Come stay with us next year and we'll do rodeo!

  2. Looks like so much fun and such a beautiful family you have!