Tuesday, March 24, 2015

we heart cookies + dabbling duck bib

Fact: It is important for us to have at least one cookie snack time every day ;)
This girl loves her Gerber cookies--just about as much as momma loves a good chocolate chip cookie. And we did some baking this weekend while Uncle Dan was in town (more pics of Mila's first trip to the rodeo and Dan's visit to come) so I've been snacking on these delicious chocolate chip cookies all week! (Definitely give this recipe a try! We used dark chocolate chunks instead of the chips and I am a big fan!) Someone stop me--I seriously have no self control.
Today during snack time we tried out our new ADORABLE floral bib from Dabbling Duck Boutique. How genius is this sleeved design? We are loving it! It's so easy to slip on, ties in the back, and provides full bib coverage. Perfection!
 Mila can get pretty messy during meal time and the sleeves on this bib make all the difference! It's also reversible and super easy to clean--just toss it right in the wash. No problem!
Oh, and they have so many cute patterns to choose from! You can see them all here: http://www.dabblingduckboutique.com/handmade/
I'm so impressed with the quality and detail of these darling bibs. The folks at Dabbling Duck have done such a fantastic job! They also have super cute and affordable mocs for your babes as well! Check them out HERE--I'm obsessed!
Isn't she just as sweet as sweet can be? That face kills me!
Happy Tuesday everyone!

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  1. What a little cutie and love the bib!