Sunday, April 19, 2015

austin, texas: hamilton pool preserve

Hamilton Pool Preserve
This weekend we went to Austin (one of our favorite places in the whole wide world) and hiked to the stunning Hamilton Pool Preserve!
We had seen it online and in pictures many times always looking so pretty, but you just never know how "true" pictures are these days (with photoshop and filters and all that jazz) but this place was even more beautiful in person. Here are some pictures from our time there!

hamilton pool preserve austin texas
A couple of tips for those of you planning an adventure to Hamilton Pool Preserve!
We went on a cooler more cloudy day but they say during the summer/hotter times of the year the pool fills up really fast, and they only let so many cars in! We went early in the morning, right when it opened at 9am just to make sure we got in.
It's $15/per car -- so bring some cash.
hamilton pool preserve austin texas
 The pool is not always open for swimming, but we lucked out and it had just re-opened! So we were able to swim out to the waterfall. It was chilly but so crazy fun!
You can call ahead of time to see if it is open for swimming.

 I LOVE this adventurous little family of mine!
Mila is yawning in this pic ha ha, but she really is such a hoot when she is out and about with us. She loves seeing the world and being with people. We joke that she hates missing out on anything!
Next time we go I'd love to take a picnic and stay for a good portion of the day!
 It was just so gorgeous!
"Hi everyone!" - Mila
 Our cute Austin/hiking crew!
It's always nice to have friends to travel and experience these awesome adventures with.
I also love that we live in a place with some many cool places to see and visit within driving distance.
Stay tuned this week for my Houston and Austin travel guides!
Any of you have any other "must-do's" for Austin?!
We'll definitely go back this summer, so I'd love more suggestions!

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