Tuesday, April 28, 2015

eat your veggies & nuby garden fresh steam n' mash

My mom was always determined to keep us from becoming picky eaters when we were growing up.

She would never cut the crusts off the bread when we complained or let us eat too much sugar or allow us to leave the dinner table with out eating our veggies! At the time I hated this, but I am SO grateful she was that way, because now I love my vegetables and can eat anything.

Mila is still young, but I'm determined to be like my mom and make sure she likes healthy foods.

The Nuby Garden Fresh Steam N' Mash makes this so simple!
You simply cut up the vegetable you want to steam, add a little bit of water to main bowl (I add about 1/4 cup), cook for a couple minutes and ta-da! It also comes with the masher tool which is so nice, because Mila is still at a point where she doesn't have that many teeth and I like to mash things up so she can eat and digest easier. We like making mashed carrots--they're currently her favorite! And if we don't finish it all at once there is a lid that makes it nice and easy to store!

I really do love this product. It's simple, functional and well-made. I've loved using it!

Some other info on this product: 

Bowl holds approx 9 fl oz.
Steaming basket holds 1 cup of food
Bowl features textured interior for efficient pureeing to ideal consistency
Wide handle for comfortable grip, pouring spout, and non skid base
Dishwasher & microwave safe

You can find this product on Amazon.com.

Enjoying her fresh steamed carrots!
Love this lady and love my job of being her mama!

Does anyone have any recipes for steamed vegetable mashes that their kids like? I would LOVE some suggestions! 

*I received this item for review but all opinions are my own!

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