Sunday, April 5, 2015

round top, texas antique fair

This past weekend we headed out to Round Top Texas to experience their famous antique fair for the first time! And let me tell you, it was so much fun!
As a newbie to the whole event, we asked around before going to try and get as many tips and details as we could, and as helpful as they were, we definitely still learned a lot and will do a few things differently next time.
 First of all, there are many venues to visit! Some cost money, others don't.
This is the most helpful chart I could find on the venues & dates:
We spent most of our time at the Blue Hills tents and loved it. I've heard great things about all the venues though.
Second of all, how cute are my friends?! Adorable.
Go with your BFF's because it's such a fun time, lots of great finds, and tons of great picture opportunities!
Third, if you're taking a baby definitely plan on carrying the babe!
Strollers are basically impossible because the tents and rooms are set up with furniture, antiques, boxes, etc.. and it's difficult to navigate around.
Last but not least, bring your camera and be prepared to soak in the darling tiny town of Round Top! These are all pictures of the city and areas around it. It was so completely charming. 
 Oh, and don't forget--you can usually negotiate on the price! So always ask before buying. Most of the items we looked at they were able to take down in price a bit. 
If any of y'all have any other tips for me, please comment below! I am definitely going to go more prepared next year!
I love Texas, and this sweet little family of mine!

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  1. This is a gorgeous place, and I won't soon forget it. Attended events in NYC sponsored by the company. The reception hour was held in one of the rooms next to the hall. I loved their buttery mashed sweet potato.