Saturday, June 20, 2015

his first father's day.

Today is a special day for my sweetheart, because it is his first Father's Day as a father.
 This was the day she was born--she will be one year on the 4th of July! I can't believe how wonderful this year has been, but even more than that, I'm so amazed every day at what an incredible father Robert is to Mila and how precious their relationship is. 
These two melt my heart, and they have from day one.
 Robert is such a fun, adventurous, loving dad. Mila and I are lucky to have him! We had so many fun trips as a family this year. And these daddy/daughter pictures are simply the cutest!
San Francisco!
New York!
 And squeezy is she in these pics?! Gahhh!



Gulf of Mexico!

Rob, thank you for being our rock. 
I'm so grateful for the wonderful dad that you are to our babe. You are such a good example of strength, compassion, and optimism. I hope M will continue to watch and learn from you. 
She already admires you so much. The way she watches and adores you makes my heart so happy. 
We love you!

Happy Father's Day!

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