Sunday, July 5, 2015

mila's first birthday.

This weekend we celebrated our babe's first birthday!
Her birthday is on the 4th of July--which we absolutely love! Our little freedom babe! It's always been my favorite holiday and now it's even better.

We had such a good time with our family and friends! 
I wanted to share a few fun pictures from the day!

 We're missing a few of the babies in this picture, but it was so fun to have all the cute mamas and babes running around. We're so blessed with such wonderful people in our lives!
Guys, I couldn't love this little ONE year old more. I cried and cried about her growing up, but I truly am so excited to watch her grow. She's got such a sassy, spunky, sweet, smart thing going on!
I cherish our relationship--and I know she'll always be my little bestie.

Oh and she LOVED all of the attention! I think she was bummed when she woke up the next morning and there weren't 20 people there singing and doting on her!

 Such a fun afternoon! 

Her emotion in this photo is just the BEST THING EVER! I love her SO MUCH!

Happy birthday sweet Mila.
You're our joy and are our everything!



  1. Love our little firecracker

  2. Ah, our baby is exactly one month older than Mila!! And I actually just emailed Destiny the other day - small little world!! It looks like Mila celebrated in style on her birthday - such cute photos!