Tuesday, July 14, 2015

park trips with the babe

  Took a little stroll to the park with this babe not too long ago. 
Besides being incredibly humid, it was probably the perfect evening. She gets so happy when she is with both Mom and Dad after Rob gets home from work--and even happier when we take her outside to play. 

Oh, and then take all that happiness and put it into a series of pictures of your one year old running to give you a hug...and then melt because it's so insanely perfect.

 Cutest thing EVER, right?! I felt so blessed that Robert captured that on camera. It was the highlight of my week and something I'm so grateful I'll always have to remember.
I love these kind of special moments-- especially the kind that don't have to be staged ha ha :)

And I have to give a BIG shout out to this new favorite top of mine by Triple Thread OC. If y'all haven't noticed, this shop is one of my favorites--not only because they have a really exciting variety of style but also because the people there that I have worked with are so genuine and good at what they do. I love that!

This button down color-block sleeve top is perfect for mom life. You can dress it up or down. It's also incredibly lightweight--which is so great for me here in our humid Texas climate. It drapes a little longer in back. I'm wearing a small and it's still a loose fit--which I'm all about!

This top isn't yet available on the site but will be soon! They're launching a new line (including this great top) on Thursday the 22nd! Eeeeek--so excited!

 Like I said--this top is great for mom life :) Blowing bubbles, chasing babes and all!
 I love my family. And love this man. He always keeps things fun and exciting. I'm so grateful for him and our sweet little babe.
We pretty much hit up our neighborhood park everyday--and I wish I could document it every time, because this little girl is always such a hoot...
but that would probably get boring and pretty repetitive for y'all ha ha and I'd be the only one that would actually enjoy that! #momprobz

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


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