Thursday, September 15, 2016

Happy Four Years!

 Guys, I can't believe this was FOUR years ago today! What a magical and perfect day this was!
It's been a couple years since I've posted photos from our wedding, but as I was going through some of them last night--I just couldn't help but feel so blessed to have so many wonderful family members and sweet friends that helped make this day so special.

And of course--I feel so lucky that this amazing man wanted to marry me! 
I can't believe that handsome face is mine forever. 

I couldn't possibly share every photo, so I've just chosen some highlights...

So grateful for all these BEAUTIFUL people! The fact that they all came to support us on our big day just fills my heart with so much joy. Many of them traveled from very far distances to be with us--we have such amazing people in our lives.

I love you all!

I really loved my reception. 
It was a simple and elegant backyard gathering--just liked I had always dreamed!

(My only regret is not having a videographer there on this day--I ran out of money and decided it wasn't "that big of deal" but I now REALLY regret it!)

 The entrance to our magical backyard reception!
 I love these siblings of mine!
 My family was such a huge help making our wedding happen! I'm so grateful for them.
 Doesn't Robert's sister Heather just look like she was meant to be one of the sisters?! So gorgeous! Love my bridesmaids!

A sweet friend of mine made this cake for us--and Rob and I still talk about how delicious it was to this day. Seriously, one of the best cakes I have ever eaten! And again, it just makes me feel so loved that I have such amazing and talented friends that made this day so special!

 My cousin--who had been in at military training on the west coast--SURPRISED the whole family by showing up! It was so special! He literally graduated from camp that morning, his family picked him up, and then they all drove like 12 hours to my reception!
Just thinking about this special moment brings tears to my eyes!

 Just so many wonderful memories, with good friends and family!
I'll remember this day forever!
Good times on the dance floor!

It was also really fun to have our wedding featured in Utah Valley Bride Magazine! 
I remember I had soooo many people ask about my dress--and I'm not going to lie, it was definitely one of my favorite details of the wedding! It is from J.Crew but as since been discontinued.

Of course the wedding details are fun and all, but the most amazing memories I have are the feelings of love I felt from those around us--both family and friends--and the love I felt for this best friend of mine. He is my rock. He always will be.

It was such a perfect day--and a perfect start to an eternity together.

I love you Robert!
Happy four years sweetheart!


P.S. I used to be much better at blogging, so if you'd to like read about our love story :) you can find it HERE (I'm biased, but it's a dang good story)