Thursday, October 22, 2015

my thursday thoughts.

...because I miss President Hinckley and his always so positive and hopeful words--
and because this quote is always such a good reminder for me.

"Happy is the man who can brush of the offending remarks of another and go on his way."
President Gordon B. Hinckley

Don't let others bring you down. You are strong & beautiful. You are doing your best.
Let's do our best to lift each other up and support one another. Occasionally we will be put in a situation where we could 1) choose to be offended or 2) not let ourselves be offended & weighed down by some silly words--and instead, go on with our lives, focusing on the positive.

Choosing to be offended is only going to make us unhappy...and that unhappiness is only going to build and grow. Because sadly, someone is always going to be there to offend (if you let them)

And frankly, I think we're all hard enough on ourselves--we don't need to worry about the negative remarks of others.

Focus on the good. Focus on what brings you happiness. Focus on Christ, and choose not to be offended. Something easier said than done, but something I am trying very hard to work on.