Monday, January 21, 2013

houston: here we come

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well, the day has arrived. after five months of travelling the globe, husband and i are finally getting a place of our own. and in case you don't already know our background, we originally had plans to move to fairfield, connecticut-- even had a home picked out and everything, but just as we were finalizing our move--my husband was offered a promotion and was asked to re-locate to the one-and-only houston, texas.

we are thrilled. honestly, it is like going home. (literally,  my husband is originally from sugar land, tx [a suburb of houston])

for the past month we've been back and forth from new york to houston to salt lake city to mexico (and a third trip to istanbul for my husband) back to salt lake and are now finally leaving the snow-capped mountains of alpine, ut for the blue skies and flat-landscapes of texas.

this next week will be a bit crazy--moving into our new place and getting settled, but i have some amazing blog posts planned on our trips to turkey, england, scotland, and mexico. so stay tuned.

and the best part--the adventures we're already planning for this year (we can't get this travel bug out of our systems!) any suggestions on great/unique/exotic travel destinations are 100% appreciated! we love being inspired to travel to new places.

so until then, i'll keep channeling my wanderlust onto my pinterest travel boards :)


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

greece: santorini

santorini travel guide header 2

santorini is by-far one of the most magical places on planet earth. you've seen the movies. you've seen the pictures. the sides of the island lined with white walled dwellings and blue rooftops...yes please! just looking at it gives anyone a bad case of wanderlust, but nothing can compare to stepping foot onto this beautiful island and experiencing it first-hand. the lovely people, charming gift-shops, rooftop restaurants, world famous sunsets, and picturesque ocean water.

in a nutshell, it's perfect.

my love in santorini

to start off, there are a few different places you can choose to stay while in santorini (you can learn more about those areas here) but we chose to stay in Oia (which is the place you see in all the movies/pictures) and we definitely recommend it. the hotels are a little more expensive, but it's well worth it. the views are heavenly. and Oia is where all the best restaurants, art galleries, and shopping can be found.

the following next few pics are all of Oia...


dreamy right?! and the city in the background isn't too shabby either.


you may recognize these streets from some different movies, including "sisterhood of the travelling pants". that's right--and you better believe i kept my eye out for alexis bledel and blake lively (those two are personal favorites from two favorite tv shows--aka gilmore girls and gossip girl)

other movies filmed in greece can be see here.


you'll definitely get your glutes workout walking around this place. it's all stairs, all the time. but at least with all the calories you're burning you can enjoy some of the delicious greek breads guilt free, right?


it's almost impossible to capture the magic of Santorini on camera, but it's truly the details, colors, and people that made us fall in love with it.

red sand beach santorini

though you could really just stay in Oia, never leave, and be perfectly content--there are some other amazing destinations around the island. a few of our favorites were: perissa beach, red beach, white beach, and pori beach.

behind us in the above picture is the red beach (named because its sand has a red glitter to it) you can see more reviews of the red beach on tripadvisor here. it's definitely a must, but make sure to take a blanket/towels and maybe rent some lounge chairs if you can, because the sand is not so much sand as it more like crushed gravel (seriously, it kind of hurts to walk on ha ha) however, we'll cut it a break because santorini is essentially the ancient remains of a massive volcanic explosion--called the minoan or thera eruption almost 3600 years ago--also the source of the legend of atlantis!


the volcanic remnants they call 'sand'. you can't really see the 'red' in the picture, but in the sunshine it really does have a red shine.

santorini exploring

just a short drive from the red beach is perissa. you can see more about this beach and area here on tripadvisor. this beach was a favorite of ours because there were plenty of yummy restaurants and shops right along the shore.

sexy rob santorini

while exploring the area, we used tripadvisor to direct us to a popular restaurant, and ended up eating at a delicious cafe called tranquilo. i most definitely recommend it. i had a delicious salad, and we were pleasantly surprised by how large the portions are. after travelling all over the world, we have realized that  as americans we are definitely spoiled in the amount of food we get for our money ha ha (we're just big eaters i guess) but  make sure you keep some euros on you--most places in that area don't take cards.

and the picture above is me creeping on my very attractive hubs as he walks down from one of the stores. :)


after a day at the beach, head out around 5:00 to the point of santorini to watch the sunset. and i really would recommend heading out a bit early, because it gets very crowded down at the point. and yes, it's 100% worth battling the crowds. the sunsets do not disappoint--as long as you get there in time to see them!

i would also recommend getting a room with a killer view. it's definitely worth the extra money.  below is a picture of our private deck.

jacuzzi in santorini

yeah, it was a dream come true. our own hot tub, lounging area and an unreal view of the island, ocean and sunsets.

we stayed in the canaves oia hotel and it was so heavenly. the staff was exceptionally helpful and welcoming, rooms were clean, chic, and comfortable, with a great breakfast, and an ideal location. if you have a minute, scroll through their photo gallery here. their pictures are much better than mine are!


there is a good amount of nightlife in santorini--even though it attracts a much older crowd than mykonos. there are plenty of restaurants, live music, bars, art galleries, and dance clubs. click here for a good list of some different nightlife options.

we'd usually just go out for a late dinner, dessert and then walk the streets looking at art and listening to music. no complaints with that!


how amazing does it look at night?!  it was hard to capture it's beauty, but definitely something to experience in this life!

rob and i santorini

husband and i both agree that santorini is one of our very favorite destinations. we fell in love with just about everything it had to offer with exception of the spotty wifi connection (apparently wifi is hard to keep working when your hotels and homes are practically built into the side of mountains--makes sense ha ha) but when you're in santorini, you don't really want to be spending time online anyways. there is just so much to do and see.

i recommend the greek isles to anyone, and hope we can go back someday to explore some of the others.


somehow this picture turned out like this :) but we really liked it.

thanks for reading. feel free to ask any questions or give recommendations on your favorite stops in the greek isles!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

greece: mykonos

Greece cover

the greek isles are like that perfect dream that you never want to end. the kind that you try and force yourself to go back to sleep for. the perfect, relaxing, clear-blue water kind of dream that makes you want to forget all about reality.

except--it is reality! the water really is the most stunning shade of blue you'll ever witness, the landscapes are covered with white rooftops and the beaches are as dreamy as they come! i would recommend this destination to anyone--you really can't go wrong.

my husband and i chose to spend our week on the islands of mykonos and santorini (it's so hard to choose, because there are so many to choose from! but these two are very popular choices) so, i've decided to start with a travel guide for mykonos.

*cue fleet fox 'mykonos' nowwww....

mykonos walking kris

we absolutely loved our hotel--the mykonos bay hotelif you go to their website, you'll see they have a lovely pool deck, right by their own private beach. the rooms are chic and comfortable, and honestly our only complaint was the struggles we had keeping connected to wifi (but later on realized that wifi in general is just not the most reliable throughout all the isles)

Mykonos View

this was the view our from our hotel room. the isles are known for their world-rocking sunsets. and trust me--they live up to the hype.


the sites in mykonos town can definitely keep you busy for a day. up above is a picture of my husband and the well-known windmills along the coast  of the town. we had fun exploring the city, shopping, eating, and rented a vespa to scoot-scoot around. i definitely recommend renting the vespa while you are there--it's a small island and you can pretty much get anywhere on it--it's cheap--and it's just fun!


my husband and i visited mykonos in september, which was right as the island was 'calming down' from the summer months. mykonos is known as the definite 'party island' of all the islands. lots of clubs, ragers, and nightlife. huzzzzah! but personally, we liked the 'calmer' mykonos because we're not the raging type, but if you're into that--maybe look into planning your trip during the summer months. i hear it's the party-place to be! oh yeah, and that is a pic of our hotels beach at sunset. so dreamy. and my frizzy hair--not so much.


speaking of beaches--we definitely like our sun, sand and water time. i mean, who doesn't like a nice tan? (sadly, my husband gets darker at about ten times the speed my freckled skin does--leaving me in the dust while he becomes a different ethnicity)

Mykonos swimming

these pics were both taken at paradise beach. we really enjoyed paradise because it was easy to swim out to the reefs, and they have a lot of places to eat/drink right on the beach.  you can see a list of other popular mykonos beaches here.

greece enjoying

here we're at ftelia beach, which was on the other side of the island and much less crowded (again it was really quite tame by the time we got there, but if you are there during a busier time, this beach might be the perfect getaway from the crazier side of the island)

going through these pics is making me miss it so much! husband ad i have already decided we want to go back for one of our anniversaries and explore some of the different isles. we were sold!

hottie robert

overall, mykonos was just as heavenly as we had always imagined. we weren't let down in the slightest. and after spending two and a half days there, we took a ferry over to the island of santorini (which i am so excited to share with you, because as much as we loved mykonos, we fell head-over-heels for santorini)

so stay tuned!

and as always, you can see more of our travel pics on instagram @kristenwcampbell & #robandkris

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*sidenote--online it says that there are 'nude beaches' all throughout the isles, but what they really should have said is that ALL beaches are nude throughout the greek isles. swimsuits are definitely optional in greece. so, whatever that means to you--just be prepared.  cause we weren't. hence the naked 87 year old man and the look on my husband's face.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

utah valley bride: our love story

Campbell Warwick wedding

our wedding was just featured in the 2013 utah valley bride magazine.

 it gives some fun details about our wedding day, and a little bit about our city-born-love story (not that you haven't heard that enough by now ha ha)  it is so fun to re-live that lovely september day. it was so beyond perfect. i can't believe it's been four months.

you can check out the entire magazine here.


oh and yes, you can always check out our #robandkris on instagram for all our travel pics.