"for the travler. the wanderer. and the wanderlust dreamer. "

i'm kris. a writer and a creative, undeniably a perfectionist. absolutely inept with numbers. my passions include perfectly constructed arrangements of words, world travel and culture, just about any form of design, my above-average-hottie-husband (seriously though) and people--no matter where in the world. i'm fascinated by their similarities, priorities, choices and passions.

i met my husband--handsome rob--in san francisco--where we had both moved for work. we had a simple, painless and dreamy romance in the city. we were recently married, lived in two suit cases for the first 6 months of our marriage as we traveled around europe for my husbands job. and are now settled down in good ol' houston, tx.

as much joy as travelling brings into my life, my husband brings 100x more. he's a dreamboat, my best friend, and my daily reminder to to reach outside my comfort zone in some way, shape, or form. he brings out the best in me--and truthfully--that's one of the selfish reasons that i married him.

i absolutely believe that no matter where you are in the world or what station you are in life--the adventures never have to end.

so this is for you.

to the traveler. the wanderer. and the wanderlust dreamer.

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// proudly based in houston, texas //


  1. Hi Kris

    I discovered your nice blog about Italy. I only just started my own as a Dutch expat living in Italy. Check it out at if you want. I live in the Oltrepo Pavese wine region south of Milan, maybe you have heard about it? We run a bed and breakfast there,

    I wondered if we could listand link to each other as blogs "to follow" on our profile? That way we will both rank higher and receive more visitors.

    Let me know what you think,
    Cari saluti
    Author of Living in Italy: the Real Deal