Tuesday, April 28, 2015

eat your veggies & nuby garden fresh steam n' mash

My mom was always determined to keep us from becoming picky eaters when we were growing up.

She would never cut the crusts off the bread when we complained or let us eat too much sugar or allow us to leave the dinner table with out eating our veggies! At the time I hated this, but I am SO grateful she was that way, because now I love my vegetables and can eat anything.

Mila is still young, but I'm determined to be like my mom and make sure she likes healthy foods.

The Nuby Garden Fresh Steam N' Mash makes this so simple!
You simply cut up the vegetable you want to steam, add a little bit of water to main bowl (I add about 1/4 cup), cook for a couple minutes and ta-da! It also comes with the masher tool which is so nice, because Mila is still at a point where she doesn't have that many teeth and I like to mash things up so she can eat and digest easier. We like making mashed carrots--they're currently her favorite! And if we don't finish it all at once there is a lid that makes it nice and easy to store!

I really do love this product. It's simple, functional and well-made. I've loved using it!

Some other info on this product: 

Bowl holds approx 9 fl oz.
Steaming basket holds 1 cup of food
Bowl features textured interior for efficient pureeing to ideal consistency
Wide handle for comfortable grip, pouring spout, and non skid base
Dishwasher & microwave safe

You can find this product on Amazon.com.

Enjoying her fresh steamed carrots!
Love this lady and love my job of being her mama!

Does anyone have any recipes for steamed vegetable mashes that their kids like? I would LOVE some suggestions! 

*I received this item for review but all opinions are my own!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

before/after: our diy vanity

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I'm excited to share our latest home DIY project with y'all today! After finishing our bed, we started trying to decide what to do with the rest of the room...and I fell in love with the idea of a vanity area! We were given this old piece that belonged to my in-laws. It was a little beat up, but such a beautiful piece of furniture. My husband and I immediately decided that if we could spruce it up a bit and add some new paint, it'd be just perfect for our room.

(I swear our garage has just been one big DIY/Wood shop these days!)

We took apart the whole vanity piece by piece so that we could thoroughly paint it, then had to sand it down quite aggressively. After that was done we just primed and painted! (We did three separate coats of paint)

Supplies used:
Sand paper
Behr "Creamy White"
Small paint roller
Paint brush 


Captains Mirror // HomeGoods
Candle // Anthropologie 
Ottoman // Pottery Barn
Rug // HomeGoods
Hardware // Home Depot
Floral // Target

Hope y'all enjoyed this DIY post! Please let me know if you have any questions!


Sunday, April 19, 2015

austin, texas: hamilton pool preserve

Hamilton Pool Preserve
This weekend we went to Austin (one of our favorite places in the whole wide world) and hiked to the stunning Hamilton Pool Preserve!
We had seen it online and in pictures many times always looking so pretty, but you just never know how "true" pictures are these days (with photoshop and filters and all that jazz) but this place was even more beautiful in person. Here are some pictures from our time there!

hamilton pool preserve austin texas
A couple of tips for those of you planning an adventure to Hamilton Pool Preserve!
We went on a cooler more cloudy day but they say during the summer/hotter times of the year the pool fills up really fast, and they only let so many cars in! We went early in the morning, right when it opened at 9am just to make sure we got in.
It's $15/per car -- so bring some cash.
hamilton pool preserve austin texas
 The pool is not always open for swimming, but we lucked out and it had just re-opened! So we were able to swim out to the waterfall. It was chilly but so crazy fun!
You can call ahead of time to see if it is open for swimming.

 I LOVE this adventurous little family of mine!
Mila is yawning in this pic ha ha, but she really is such a hoot when she is out and about with us. She loves seeing the world and being with people. We joke that she hates missing out on anything!
Next time we go I'd love to take a picnic and stay for a good portion of the day!
 It was just so gorgeous!
"Hi everyone!" - Mila
 Our cute Austin/hiking crew!
It's always nice to have friends to travel and experience these awesome adventures with.
I also love that we live in a place with some many cool places to see and visit within driving distance.
Stay tuned this week for my Houston and Austin travel guides!
Any of you have any other "must-do's" for Austin?!
We'll definitely go back this summer, so I'd love more suggestions!

Monday, April 13, 2015

monday picnics & nuby wash or toss stackable cups

 After a weekend of being sick with a cold, congestion and a nasty little ear infection, this sweet babe was finally back to her happy cheerful self today!
We still took it easy, but decided a little fresh air and picnic in our yard were just what we needed! The Texas heat and humidity has already kicked into full gear--so shade, cold water and sunnies are a must! 
These Nuby Wash or Toss Stackable Cups are perfect for outings like these and being on the go!
We take them to the park with us all the time, and they're so great because I don't have to stress if they get lost while we're out, but are so easy to wash and re-use if they do make it home! They are no-stress either way, which I love. I'm sure all you other mama's out there can relate to that! I appreciate anything that makes life less stressful so I can more fully enjoy time with my babe.
Mila loves these cups because they're lightweight and easy for her to hold!
They also come in bright fun colors!

Some other info on these cups for anyone interested!
Recommended for 6 months +
10 oz / 300 ml
Easy to hold
Snap on spout lids
Free flow cup
BPA Free
Find on the following sites...
She waves to anyone and anything! It's the cutest thing ever.
 Gosh I love that face!
Happy Monday y'all!

Please note* I received this items to review as part of the Nuby Parent Blogger Program but all opinions are my own!

Monday, April 6, 2015

mila's first bluebonnets & texas spring

This is truly our favorite time of the year in Texas! We look forward to heading out to hill country every spring and enjoying the beautiful bluebonnets.  
I love so many things about Texas and this time of year is one of them! Before the sticky humidity hits and the heat becomes almost unbearable, we get to enjoy some of the most lovely spring weather!
This year was Mila's first year seeing the state flower and it was SO much fun!
Kinda crazy to think that this time last year I was pregnant!
 You can see my big pregnant belly in the bluebonnets from last year's post >HERE<
I remember thinking how excited I was to bring our baby girl back...
and now here we are!
Life is so magical, isn't it?
I love this girl so much.
Thanks for a beautiful spring Texas.
For more information on bluebonnets see here & here.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

round top, texas antique fair

This past weekend we headed out to Round Top Texas to experience their famous antique fair for the first time! And let me tell you, it was so much fun!
As a newbie to the whole event, we asked around before going to try and get as many tips and details as we could, and as helpful as they were, we definitely still learned a lot and will do a few things differently next time.
 First of all, there are many venues to visit! Some cost money, others don't.
This is the most helpful chart I could find on the venues & dates: http://www.roundtop.org/antique_show_info.php
We spent most of our time at the Blue Hills tents and loved it. I've heard great things about all the venues though.
Second of all, how cute are my friends?! Adorable.
Go with your BFF's because it's such a fun time, lots of great finds, and tons of great picture opportunities!
Third, if you're taking a baby definitely plan on carrying the babe!
Strollers are basically impossible because the tents and rooms are set up with furniture, antiques, boxes, etc.. and it's difficult to navigate around.
Last but not least, bring your camera and be prepared to soak in the darling tiny town of Round Top! These are all pictures of the city and areas around it. It was so completely charming. 
 Oh, and don't forget--you can usually negotiate on the price! So always ask before buying. Most of the items we looked at they were able to take down in price a bit. 
If any of y'all have any other tips for me, please comment below! I am definitely going to go more prepared next year!
I love Texas, and this sweet little family of mine!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

mila's first rodeo

Not our first rodeo....
Okay it's not ours--but it was Milas!

The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo is Houston's biggest event of the year,
and is also the largest indoor rodeo in the world! Are you impressed yet?!

 We look forward to this event every spring, and this year was extra special because we had our little nugget to take with us! I can't believe I was pregnant last year when we went. Time flies!
I just had to document this. We're true Texas girls! (A picture on a tractor pretty much solidifies that, right?)
 One of the best parts was that Uncle Dan flew out from New York to spend the week with us and was able to be a part of M's first rodeo! She loves him, and was so sad when he had to leave. And don't worry, we made sure to stuff him with bbq, crawfish, and tex-mex while he was here!
That's what we do best here in Houston...EAT.
My cowboy and my lil' babe! This is one of my new favorite pictures by the way. The daddy-daughter relationship is the most precious thing! This little girl loves Robert with all her heart.
 Our favorite rodeo carnival treats include the rootbeer floats, deep fried red velvet cake, deep fried oreos and the overpriced but delicious corndogs!
Robert and I couldn't stop talking about how much fun this day was and how we can't wait to take Mila back next year!