Monday, December 10, 2012

winsome jones

Winsome Jones Edit 1

no matter where i travel, or what state of life i am in--fashion and modesty have always been so important to me, but it is often times an exhausting combination to come by.

well, my darling friend carli recently launched a brand new clothing line-- winsome jones and needless to say, i'm a bit excited about it. the combination of stylish, modest, and functional clothing can be such a tricky combo to score, but w.j. seems to have it mastered!

when asking carli about the goal of this clothing line, she told me that as she's continued to work in the fashion industry, she has noticed more and more that there is a serious need for modest in-style clothing for women, and winsome jones wants to do just that--offer fun, modest, and fashionable apparel.

check out their website

i think you'll really enjoy it. i know i do. xoxo.

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