Monday, January 21, 2013

houston: here we come

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well, the day has arrived. after five months of travelling the globe, husband and i are finally getting a place of our own. and in case you don't already know our background, we originally had plans to move to fairfield, connecticut-- even had a home picked out and everything, but just as we were finalizing our move--my husband was offered a promotion and was asked to re-locate to the one-and-only houston, texas.

we are thrilled. honestly, it is like going home. (literally,  my husband is originally from sugar land, tx [a suburb of houston])

for the past month we've been back and forth from new york to houston to salt lake city to mexico (and a third trip to istanbul for my husband) back to salt lake and are now finally leaving the snow-capped mountains of alpine, ut for the blue skies and flat-landscapes of texas.

this next week will be a bit crazy--moving into our new place and getting settled, but i have some amazing blog posts planned on our trips to turkey, england, scotland, and mexico. so stay tuned.

and the best part--the adventures we're already planning for this year (we can't get this travel bug out of our systems!) any suggestions on great/unique/exotic travel destinations are 100% appreciated! we love being inspired to travel to new places.

so until then, i'll keep channeling my wanderlust onto my pinterest travel boards :)



  1. Caroline sent me the link to your blog. I love it! I was just in Greece and Turkey as well, and I live in Houston (and was born in Scotland) - so many connections already! I love Houston and would be so happy to share restaurant, hair stylist, shopping, sight seeing suggestions! xox ailee

  2. Oh my, I just got so excited by all of those random connections! Where are you living in Houston? Also, my husband and I went to Scotland fairly recently and we fell in love with it! One of our favorite destinations by far. We should definitely connect, I'd love some tips on enjoying the best of Houston :) xoxo

  3. Seriously! Me too :) Email me at and I will share the best-of-the-best (according to me, at least!).