Tuesday, February 19, 2013

texas: day trip to galveston

we took a little day trip to galveston this weekend. it's about an hour from houston, and is such a fun, easy getaway. here are some of the sites we saw and pics we took.
we love travelling together, even if it is just a day trip to the beach.
main street galveston. i believe it's the 'historic district' and you can see the moody mansion behind this statue. you can read more about this area here.
pleasure/paradise pier (the sign says pleasure but online it calls it paradise pier) i don't know why, but the name kind of creeps me out. also, it kind of reminds me of the movie 'the lost boys'. the old 80's vampire one? any of y'all seen that? anyways, i couldn't get it out of my head when we were there.

nonetheless, they've done a really good job with it and it's a fun spot to visit while in galveston.
hotel galvez and spa. really a gorgeous hotel with beautiful grounds to look at.
the best guy around. we had such a fun afternoon. even though it was a little too chilly to run around in our suits, it was still so relaxing just to walk around and enjoy the nice weather.
such a fun afternoon. you can see paradise pier behind me in this shot.
photo (15)
oh how i love this guy.
photo (17) photo (18) IMG_6364IMG_6363the main street in galveston is lined with some cute little cottages like this one. some are shops and some are just houses. sadly, most the other homes beyond the main street look like they're about to fall apart at any second. truth.
the bishops palace. no, we didn't go in but we did pull over on the side of the road and awkwardly take pictures. i think we sufficiently creeped out this poor striped-sock-wearing hipster.
photo (20)IMG_6266

such a great weekend. overall, galveston may not be the nicest beach around but it can be a good time :) and you can read more helpful tips on what to do and see here.

now to end with some awkward pictures, which is what we do best.

IMG_6299 IMG_6302 IMG_6303 IMG_6306


  1. This is where we spent our Honeymoon. It was a good fun time. Love the last pics.

  2. Oh I bet it was amazing! It's such great weather and is so fun down there :)

    xoxo. kris