Tuesday, September 8, 2015

california: table rock beach (my new happy place)

 Our first stop on our trip to California was Table Rock Beach in Laguna. 
We just happened to stumble upon it after flying into Orange County and having a few hours to kill-- and it almost instantaneously became my new favorite spot in all of southern California. 
It's stunning. 

In fact, it was so beautiful that we came back up from San Diego later in our trip just to show our family. 
We couldn't get enough. Here's some photos of our magical visit there...

None of these photos are enhanced or edited. 
The water was seriously that blue and the day was so perfect. No photoshop needed!

It was also the first beach experience we've had with Mila where she stopped being scared of the water! She was running into the waves and from the waves and being such a little dare devil. It was so much fun! 

I'll forever remember this day.

Gosh I love California. And my sweet little family.