Tuesday, February 25, 2014

thank goodness for february & march.

The month of February marks two years since I moved from Utah to San Francisco, and next month marks two years since I first fell in love with my best friend.
February and March are special to me for that reason...because it was two years ago that my life changed in so many different, wonderful ways.
I'd just made the big move to SF, and though I was scared out of my mind--I knew my decision was right. I was overly infatuated with the city, its contagious energy and variety of people.
During those months, I had a rebirth of self. It was a combination of taking a huge risk, conquering my fears, and surrounding myself with a new scene and new faces...
Before too long, I was introduced to this 6'4" southern dream who swept me off my feet in a way I never dared think was actually possible. Truthfully, I did not believe that love could be so powerful and yet so painless.
All it took was that one, perfect first date...sitting at the quaint little Knob Hill Café. He told me about his childhood, college years, and what brought him to San Francisco. Looking back, I'm not sure at exactly what point it happened but by the time our waiter brought the check, I was in love.
It's crazy, I know. It's rare and you may say impossible, and before that night I would have agreed with you. I still don't know how or why it came so easy for us, but I thank my Heavenly Father every single day...every special moment when that face and smile of his bring peace to my soul...every stressful day when I look into his eyes and am reminded that our future still has to be written...
...every morning when the sun rises, because it is his existence that lights up life.
Thank heavens for February and March.
(Picture from one of our first outings--our favorite hike in the Muir Woods)

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  1. I agree with your love of February and March. February marks when I first met husband, and March is when we became official! I couldn't agree more! Such a sweet post. (: