Sunday, November 25, 2012

style guide: travel outfit

okay, here it is. piece by piece, this is my favorite travel outfit. and as you will learn, i absolutely love fashion, art, and anything design related--and my style is fairly simple. you'll notice that i tend to stick to solids or classic patterns. my goal is an effortless, simple class. i veer away from anything too trendy or extremely loud patterns. it's just not me.

okay, so obviously being comfortable while traveling is important (especially on these long international plane rides--they can be brutal) and  i've found that this combo works wonders for me and here's why...

the denim button-down is a staple of the ensemble. it's stylish, loose fitting and warm (which i love for long flights--because i'm always freezing on airplanes). my favorite denim is from nordstrom, and it's probably one of the best things that's ever happened to me. my husband gives me a hard time about how much i wear my denim tops. really though, i love them more than i should.

leggings are my fave. especially these ones. simply vera black leggings found at kohls. they don't stretch-out weird by the end of the day, they're just thick enough for cold days, and fit very comfortably. (i'm kind of a legging-snob. serious though, i hate when they get to loose by the end of the day or bunch around my knees, or look see-threw when you bend over--these are definitely my favorite)

forever 21 has leggings that fit nice as well--they're only like five bucks but they tend to fade quicker.

and boots, of course. every girl needs a boot she can trust. husband just bought me these pretty-in-camel-lookers for my birthday while we were out in london. the selection of boots at topshop was unreal, and after an hour of trying on just about every one-- these lil' beauties won my heart. (haven't been to topshop---well, you're in for a treat. i love them and i hate them. it's a torn relationship. dreamy selection of clothes with not-so-dreamy of prices. and i'm a tj maxx/nordstrom rack/sale rack kinda girl, so i struggled with how expensive they are--but i could dream about them for hours without end)

why? i fell in love with the riding flare that the side buckle adds, but also like a little bit of a heal, because it allows me to feel a little more dressed up without really trying. even a small heal makes a boot more versatile. these ones look great with jeans, leggings or skirts/dresses.

top these basics off with a eye-catching scarf (personally i'm obsessed with infinity scarves--i love how you don't have to re-adjust or tie them--they just stay snug around the neck providing extra warmth and style)-- one of my favorites is the one shown above from forever 21.

and then i just add my favorite h&m parka for additional warmth when needed. i like the parka, because it rolls up easily and i can pack it away nicely when i need to. some of my other coats do not hold up so well when folded/rolled or awkward squeezed into a suitcase. this one has truly stood the test of the fashion-conscious traveler.

okay, so there you have it.

who out there has some other great fashion-travelling tips? i'm still new to this, and  i'd seriously love to hear them!


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